Dey Rose Releases Bittersweet Single “When I’m With You”

There are songs that make you want to pack a travel bag and tag along with someone dear to you. A long drive to the beach or perhaps a secluded cabin in the mountains. This is one of them. “When I’m With You” is Dey Rose’s second single from her upcoming EP “Panting Heart”. Beneath the sunny melody and Dey’s sweet floating voice is a bittersweet love story,

Cover Art by Ige Trinidad

Released April 24, 2020

Apple Music Spotify Bandcamp

If you dig this song and are excited to hear more, do support her EP crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo here:

Words and Music by Dey Rose

Drums: Lamar Alviar
Bass: Jeanse Le Doujet
Guitar: Alex Flock
Keys: Nial Harvey
Guitar/Vocals: Dey Rose

Cover Art: Ige Ochoa Trinidad
Recorded at Raincity Recorders Vancouver BC Canada
Produced by: Nial Harvey
Tracking/Mixing Engineer: Raincity Recorders- Braeden Rangno
Mastering Engineer: CPS Mastering- Brock McFarlane

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