Magnetic Poetry

Indie electro love pop describe Magnetic Poetry’s vibe well. Lo-fi is another good word. But the key word is love. Hypnotic, intriguing dance-inducing love. This Moscow-based DIY-duo use their love of music – and making music together – as their medium to share love with the rest of the world. “We love each other so it’s all that keeps us going, especially music-wise,” says Oksana. “We like to create everything ourselves and we try not to involve people in the process. So eventually you film and record, and make cover arts yourself – that makes it all meaningful – the creative process inspired by relationship.” Oksana Ivashinin and partner (in music and love) Dima Ivashinin come from very 80’s influences including hardcore Italo disco, 80’s hip hop, new wave and industrial. Growing up with The Beatles and brit pop, Oksana’s big 80‘s crush is on American girl trio The Flirts while Dima’s ear tuned to Ace of Base, George Michael, Laskovy May, and Modern Talking among others. Both are fans of Kraftwerk which they dub “the essence of dance music and electronica.” Magnetic Poetry follows the October 2013 release of their single “That’s True, Love,” with their five-song EP “Far Away”.

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