The Gentle Isolation

The song wafting through your mind calls to memory an eternal summer spent with a first love… or of a rainy afternoon spent in the warm indoors—never mind that the lyrics sing of ironic love, a boy’s girl troubles or life’s everyday pickle—what you remember is the warm, daydream-y sensation the song leaves you with. Such are the songs crafted by the Bulacan-based twee-pop group,  penning infectious melodies that may someday soon be the soundtrack of everyone’s long and lazy Sunday drives.

Their debut album, ‘It Started With An April Shower’, was released on August 18, 2010. The album with a mix of bright sounding guitars, clear instrumentals, and catchy pop melodies was well received by their audience having hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify. Their most popular song from the album is Faraway.

Their next release was a single titled ‘Alone For A While’ which did not come out until almost a decade after the release of their debut album. Their characteristically bright guitars and rich arrangement paired with Ness Urian’s gentle vocals surely made the song perfect for a clear summer day.

The latest single of the band is ‘Sound Wave’ which was released on October 14, 2020. This new single offered a fresh new sound featuring Monc Cristobal’s vocals, another gentle voice perfectly pairing with Ness Urian’s.


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