Your Imaginary Friends

You have probably heard that if you pop in the Metro Manila-based quarter Your Imaginary Friends’ first EP named “One Dreamy Indeterminate Hum” released September 2010 on your car’s stereo, you’d get good driving music while braving the unpredictable traffic flow of the Metro. To a certain extent that might be true. But if you pay closer attention and get into the meat of the music, you’d know that what they play is a testament of what indie pop/rock is all about. The kind they dish out sounds like something along the lines of Death Cab for Cutie, The Strokes, The Smiths and Joy Division all thrown in a single brew. Think of jangling and melodic guitar riffs with the appropriate bass lines to thicken the soup, righteous drum beats and a sprinkle of keyboards to sweeten the deal. Now marry that music to honest lyrics that almost anyone can relate to, written in a simple yet devilishly catchy way, and you get YIF’s flavor.

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