Hey, Jane!

From their bedroom walls to the music halls, Hey, Jane! is a Manila based indie-pop band composed of friends who are brought together by their passion about music. As evident in their songs, Hey Jane!’s music revels in mellowed blues and jazz influences, with a fusion of pop and funk. Formed in late 2019, the band is the brainchild of Kiko Devocion the band’s bassist, and guitarist Ram Sumangil, who wanted to tackle new musical horizons. They first started creating songs together in Ram’s bedroom in Taguig, joined by blues man Nicole Dimalibot on guitars, who is Kiko and Ram’s former bandmate. The fourth addition to the band is the energetic-hard-hitting drummer Ron Bunsoy who was a schoolmate of the three. The four started to arrange songs in a tiny music studio in Blumentritt, España. RJ Alava, the front man and soon became the producer of the band was then recruited, who brought technicality and a more creative input in the band’s song writing process and arrangements. The band’s imagination and passion altogether ignited an ample exploration in music variation and later on adopted Mon Leochico’s sexy and soulful sax riff, which was eventually found as the missing puzzle piece to the band’s musical impression. With love, happy memories and good times, Hey, Jane! is ready to resonate through your hearts!


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