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January 26, 2010

Discovered SoundCloud.com two days ago through a track shared by Ian Zafra (Sheila & The Insects) of a Cebu act called Undercover Grasshoppers. With a sudden interest I took a brief tour of the site and its features only to find my myself uploading the whole Lilystars catalogue. You must’ve notice a new music player on our sidebar. Pretty cool eh?!

We have been looking for the best platform for sharing and receiving music. Our search has ended, I hope. The German based site is trendy and has sharing support for individual tracks as well as whole albums or sets with a very stylish music player widget. Each track, album or widget can be shared to Facebook, MySpace, E-mail, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter and is embeddable to any site.

Here’s an example of a track from SoundCloud featuring Morning Swim by Turbo Goth. Clicking the info tab reveals the track name, link and album cover. It also features a buy or download button that redirects listeners to iTunes.

To listen, view or comment on individual tracks visit http://soundcloud.com/lilystars
Here’s is an example of whole album widget that features Pocket Guide To The Otherworld.

You can view and listen to other sets/album at http://soundcloud.com/lilystars/sets

The blue bar underneath the wave form allows users or listeners to leave a comment on any particular section of the track. All this you can do and share from our SoundCloud account: http://soundcloud.com/lilystars

For musicians who want to send their demos/tracks directly to Lilystars, SoundCloud has a nifty drop box to instantly upload files to our account. You can check it out on our sidebar or Contact page or directly at http://soundcloud.com/lilystars/dropbox/

Share away!

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