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Our Catalogue On SoundCloud

January 26, 2010

Discovered two days ago through a track shared by Ian Zafra (Sheila & The Insects) of a Cebu act called Undercover Grasshoppers. With a sudden interest I took a brief tour of the site and its features only to find my myself uploading the whole Lilystars catalogue. You must’ve notice a new music player on our sidebar. Pretty cool eh?!

We have been looking for the best platform for sharing and receiving music. Our search has ended, I hope. The German based site is trendy and has sharing support for individual tracks as well as whole albums or sets with a very stylish music player widget. Each track, album or widget can be shared to Facebook, MySpace, E-mail, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter and is embeddable to any site.

Here’s an example of a track from SoundCloud featuring Morning Swim by Turbo Goth. Clicking the info tab reveals the track name, link and album cover. It also features a buy or download button that redirects listeners to iTunes.

To listen, view or comment on individual tracks visit
Here’s is an example of whole album widget that features Pocket Guide To The Otherworld.

You can view and listen to other sets/album at

The blue bar underneath the wave form allows users or listeners to leave a comment on any particular section of the track. All this you can do and share from our SoundCloud account:

For musicians who want to send their demos/tracks directly to Lilystars, SoundCloud has a nifty drop box to instantly upload files to our account. You can check it out on our sidebar or Contact page or directly at

Share away!

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