Would It Kill You? (The Philippine Release)

March 18, 2011

HELLOGOODBYE (From L-R: Andy Richards, Forrest Kline, Joseph Marro, Mike Neilson, and Travis Head)

We are excited to announce the very first foreign addition to our catalogue. Say hello to the Philippine release of Hellogoodbye’s sophomore album “Would It Kill You?”. For the California based indie power pop group who sold more than half a million copies of their 2006 debut album “Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!” and now keeping a tight rein on their music, this relatively new record is a killer in it’s own right.

Originally released November 2010 under their own label Wasted Summer, WIKY? is an evident departure from the electronic and auto tuned sound of their old songs with a definitive growth in songwriting and music production in true DIY fashion. Forrest Kline’s compositions are now of similar character with indie pop sensibilities and classic melodies. Pop gems dressed with chirpy vocals, the summery sound of  Ukulele and a more natural approach to recording, adding delicate strings and horns for a great finish.

We are truly excited to have Hellogoodbye on Lilystars!

Listen and pre-order  “Would It Kill You?” now. It comes with a free sticker + download code of their B-Side “Not Ever Coming Home” and a free entrance to the album launch on April 2 at Route 196 featuring The POP Shoppe! and Lilystars artists and an exclusive acoustic video performance of Hellogoodbye.

Item No: LILY008 (Pre-Order!)
Title: Would It Kill You? (Philippine Edition)
Artist: Hellogoodbye
Format: CD Album
Price: $12.00 

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