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Bread and Circuses (CD EP)

Bread and Circuses - The Camerawalls

Bread and Circuses (CD EP)
The Camerawalls

Release Date:  December 11, 2010

After more than two years, The Camerawalls now offers another proper release, this time via an EP entitled “Bread And Circuses”. Far from being an offshoot of their previous album, the new record will take you to a more intimate and adventurous sound arena.

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Track Listing:

1. A Gentle Persuasion

2. My Life’s Arithmetic Means

3. Longevity

4. Birthday Wishes

5. Bread and Circuses

All songs written by Clementine
Performed and Arranged by The Camerawalls
Produced by Clementine, Jonathan Ong and Robert Javier
Engineered and Recorded at Sonic State Audio by Robert Javier with assistance by Tony V.
Mixed and Mastered at Sonic State Audio by Jonathan Ong

Additional instruments and production by the following musicians:
Jonathan Ong (keyboards, strings and orchestrations on Track 1, 4, and 5)
Kate Torralba (piano and keyboard solo on Track 2),
Francis Reyes (electric guitars and solo on Track 3),
Perrin Walker (violin on Track 4 written by Daniel Shepherd and Perrin Walker)

Cover Concept and Photography by Nina Sandejas and Karlo Rono
Layout and Graphic Design by Angelo Maniquis
Cover Star: Zoe Sandejas

Copyright 2010 Lilystars Records
Published 2010 Lilystars Records

The Camerawalls are:
Clementine – vocals/guitars
Law Santiago – bass guitars
Joseph Rudica – drums

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