In The Chamber Of Vanu – Lomboy (Single)

Release Date: September 3, 2014

Past, present, and future swirl together in a fantasy of a 1960’s movie soundtrack with yearning for past summer days, mixed with futuristic, dreamy ripples of electronic sound. This is Lomboy’s new single, “In the Chamber of Vanu,” taking listeners back in time while creating a hint of futuristic drama. Echoing tympani-like percussion (actual drum samples taken from old recordings) and strings that sound liberated from a ‘60s movie orchestra combine with surfer-style guitars. Tanja Frinta’s gentle voice has drifted to Lomboy (named for the Philippine fruit) from dream pop trio Lonely Drifter Karen, her other current musical project, fulfilling her dream of creating something completely her own. “In the Chamber of Vanu” and Lomboy’s other forthcoming songs all share the 60’s film atmosphere as well as noticeable influences from 60’s Asian pop such as Singapore’s The Stylers, and Shadow Music from Thailand, whose “lush guitar lines, dreamy organs, and exotic beats,” have captivated Frinta just as Lomboy’s sounds captivate us. Exclusively released/distributed in the Philippines under license from Crammed Discs.

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