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One Dreamy Indeterminate Hum (CD EP)

One Dreamy Indeterminate Hum - Your Imaginary Friends

One Dreamy Indeterminate Hum (CD EP)
Your Imaginary Friends

Release Date:  September 17, 2010

A slyly confident debut EP that mixes sparkling melodies with an undercurrent of noise and boy-girl harmonies. Fans of trebly, melancholy pop music will surely dig this record.

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Track Listing:

1. Hey, Rowena

2. By Beautiful Intentions

3. Oh, Liza

4. Nikita

5. She’s All Sirens (And I Am Fiction)

Produced by Clementine & Robert Javier
Recorded at Sonic State Audio, Mandaluyong City
Engineered by Robert Javier
Mixed & Mastered by Jonathan Ong

Album Illustrations by Jobert Cruz
Layout by Angelo Maniquis

All songs recorded and performed by Your Imaginary Friends:
Ahmad Tanji – vocals, guitars
Khalid Tanji – electric guitars
Em Aquino – bass
Eric Po – drums

Copyright 2010 Lilystars Records
Published 2010 Lilystars Records

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