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Would It Kill You? (CD Album)

Bread and Circuses - The Camerawalls

Would It Kill You? (CD Album – Philippine Edition + Bonus track)

Release Date:  April 2, 2011

Originally released November 2010 under their own label Wasted Summer, WIKY? is an evident departure from the electronic and auto tuned sound of their old songs with a definitive growth in songwriting and music production in true DIY fashion. Forrest Kline’s compositions are now of similar character with indie pop sensibilities and classic melodies. Pop gems dressed with chirpy vocals, the summery sound of Ukulele and a more natural approach to recording, adding delicate strings and horns for a great finish!

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1. Finding Something To Do

2. Getting Old

3. When We First Met

4. Betrayed By Bones

5. You Sleep Alone

6. When We First Kissed

7. The Thoughts That Gives Me The Creeps

8. I Never Can Relax

9. Coppertone

10. Would It Kill You?

11. Something You Misplaced

Bonus Track

Never Ever Coming Home (Available for streaming soon)


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  1. April 9, 2011

    Hi from a rainy night in Australia. Another wonderful lilystars release…this band is so great it’s scary, playful melodies & sweet singing. Hope my CD gets here soon! The soundcloud files work really well though in the interim. ..easy to share with friends on twitter etc.

  2. July 5, 2011

    Would It Kill You? – No 🙂 Cant wait for my own copy to arrive in the mail 🙂

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