The Gentle Isolation Pays Homage To Cult Indie Favorites On “Sound Wave”

Indie pop outfit TheGentle Isolation revisits the eternal appeal of their music favorites on “Sound Wave,” their latest single under Lilystars Records.

Written in 2014, the effervescent twee pop tune cites New Order, The Stone Roses, Trembling Blue Stars and Belle & Sabastian as songwriting inspiration, owing their lushly ornate sounds and heart-wrenching songcraft to the unsung cult favorites that define their taste as musicians.

Cover Art by Farol Artson

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With their irresistible blend of classic-sounding arrangements and melodic sweetness, Gentle Isolation’s “Sound Wave” continues the band’s tradition of perfecting pop tunes that never cease to aspire for timelessness. Their work has always been consistently good through the years, mastering the art of pop songcraft effortlessly, without resorting to trends.

Photo by Jackie Urian. From L-R: Bach Rudica, Monch Cristobal, Ness Urian, Rommel Vivar.

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