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Bryan Estepa (Sydney)
Cineplexx (London)
Club 8 (Sweden)
Dragonfly Collector (Bulacan)
Filago (Paris)
Helico (France)
Hellogoodbye (US)
Ian Penn (Pampanga)
Lomboy (Brussels)
Magnetic Poetry (Moscow)
Meagan Trees (Dumaguete)
Orange & Lemons (Bulacan)
Sheila and the Insects
Stars and Rabbit (Indonesia)
The Bernadettes
The Camerawalls (Bulacan)
The Gentle Isolation (Bulacan)
Them Bloody Royals (Manila)
The Sun Days (Sweden)
Turbo Goth (Manila/New York)
Your Imaginary Friends (Manila/Bicol)
Yea-Ming and the Rumours (California)