Svvell. is a 5 piece band hailing all the way from Cagayan De Oro, Philippines. The band brings new life to the spectral vibe of an indie rock band from the 80’s , an era that in many ways parallels Cagayan de Oro present day. Their music manifests the birth of a social uprising driven by existential dilemma. They started as a three piece side project that Yoo Han (Vocals/Guitars), Jonas Berol (Drums), and Kent Aguilar (Bass) manifested as a means of just playing around the possibilities of letting out frustrations with fast, loud and generally hypnotic sound back in 2017.

The trio started playing as “Swell Tone” at first but quickly changing it to “Swell” because it “sounded like a high school band” as the guys stated. As the trio went on to create more songs, Ralph Tan (Guitars/Noise) was added in to the mix to slowly create a more claustrophobic feel to their sound and then to finally finish the need to search for a much bigger sound, they added in Anton Atienza (Guitars/Lead) to fill the void. The group then changed their name to “Svvell.” for reasons only band members are aware. After a long process of working with their music, the group finally released their first E.P. “Hypermnesia” and is now looking forward to progress with their art.


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