Galaxy Lodge

The band’s origin can be traced back from the burgeoning shoegaze scene of the recent years. Gerard (guitar) and Emer (vocals/guitar) met and played together in a shoegaze band called Stellar Spectre, fronted by indie luminary Xavier Emas (Sunday Picnic Love Affair, Cinema Lumiere). Emer knew X from the indie pop happenings of the early 2000s, having been played in a band called radiomanila, while Gerard and X were coworkers. They played a couple of gigs and were on a momentum of sort, until X had to migrate, leaving the band without a front man.

Gerard suggested to continue and play the songs Emer wrote, thus a new band was born. Gerard also recruited his life-long friend Ron on bass, whom he also played with, in a band called Iris PH. They played a couple of gigs in and around the South, until the pandemic struck and forced everything to a halt.

While on quarantine, Gerard and Emer continued to flesh out song ideas and record demos at home, with Ron contributing his bass parts. They also sent their demos to generate exposure and to press on. Luckily, 2 of their demo songs got played on Jam 88.3’s Locals Only program. Encouraged, they continued to send demos, until they got noticed by Lilistars Records, Manila’s finest independent pop label and was asked to professionally record songs for possible consideration. They recruited Otits on drums.
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