When an energetic rock band with a talented singer meets an energetic DJ with a talented ear for mixing, something like Helico happens. Born in 2016, the French synth pop trio is a successful collaboration between the rock band Paganella and the King of mash-up, DJ Moule (musical director Stéphane Mourgues). Delphine Audevard is the siren voice behind this new endeavour based in Southwestern France, adding synths to the guitar and live looping of Sylvain Sentenach and more recently, bass synth and machines of Aurélien Calvo who has joined the group for live performances. Originally a pop rocker girl in love with the 90’s, Delphine studied classical piano and music theory before her musical pursuits took her in the direction of playing guitar and bass. With Helico, she is getting back to her roots with keyboards in a manner of speaking.

While Helico draws from influences like The Do, Christine and the Queens, and Daft Punk, rockers The Ting Tings and the Cardigans and other progressive French techno pop like Yelle or Belgium’s Alice on the Roof, Delphine’s songwriting is on the deeper side of all things pop. “I am mostly inspired by the dark side of life,” she says, “trying to get the light from it” exploring themes inspired from movies or books, people and relationships, a guitar riff or an arpeggiated sound – or a city like Manila – Manille in French, the title of Helico’s first single being released in December, 2016 by Lilystars Records. Delphine was inspired to write the song after having spent three weeks in the Philippines and becoming emotionally overwhelmed by the city, “its insane, never-ending agitation, the polution, Makati and some slums just behind the skyscrapers.” Like some expats she met, she felt the same – wanting to leave when in the city, but once gone, needing to return. Helico dedicates this first single to the people of Manila.

Official Site – http://www.1helico.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/helicomusic
Twitter – http://twitter.com/01helico

Photo of Helico by Nicolas Dumoulin