Founded in Brussels in 2014 Lomboy’s sound is dreamy and joyful, inspired by romantic and erotic European and American-influenced Asian cinema soundtracks from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Lomboy’s songs are little audio oeuvres d’art: paintings for the ears, but translating hopes, dreams, and emotions on a deeper level.

Austrian-born founding member Tanja Frinta supervises the creation of dreamy and fragmented tunes as vocalist and songwriter, with help from guitarist Clément Marion, and her constant collaborator Majorcan keyboardist Marc Melià Sobrevias with whom she still performs as part of indie electro-pop trio Lonely Drifter Karen. Though Tanja currently writes songs for both Lomboy and the Belgium-based LDK, the two projects are different since “Lomboy is something I started without compromises when it comes to the sound and arrangements,” she says. “After collaborating with Marc (Melià Sobrevias) since 2007, I felt the need to work on something on my own, arranging and producing the songs the way I dreamt them to be.” Also, working without a drummer gave her the freedom to invent her own rhythm creations using drum samples from old records. The resulting sound is not something she could achieve from playing with a real drummer or digital drums.

A huge fan of music from the 60’s, Tanja especially likes film soundtracks like the Jungle Book, the music of Les Baxter, and also the James Bond soundtracks. Henri Mancini, Nino Nardini, Xavier Cugat, Ennio Morricone – composers of that vein all inspire her songwriting. Lomboy’s guitarist Clément first introduced Tanja to 60’s Asian pop music from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. One in particular, The Stylers from Singapore, and Shadow Music from Thailand caught her attention. The lush guitar lines, dreamy organs, and exotic beats were what inspired her compositions for Lomboy. French singer-songwriters from the 60’s including Françoise Hardy or Marie Laforet are in Tanja’s ears, as are contemporary bands like Beach House and Blonde Redhead. Even though she tries not copying anything, she considers the way she works with her influences more like taking old fabric and making a new dress out of it.

Lomboy is for listeners into European music inspired by Asian music that has been inspired by American music from the 60’s.

Official Site: http://lomboy.net
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