Stars and Rabbit

Charming and unforgettable, indie pop duo Stars and Rabbit could be mistaken for Icelandic (which they are not) rather than Indonesian (which they are), with their whimsical, imaginative and unapologetically creative sound. Both guitarist Adi Widodo and singer Elda Suryani happen to be fans of Sigur Rós, and Elda has been likened to Björk.

Widodo, who hails from Pulang Kijang, Indonesia, was set on his musical path by his father who was his biggest inspiration. Self-taught, Widodo learned music from friends, his surroundings, and life experiences, counting Coldplay, Radiohead, Emiliana Torrini and the blues among his influences.

Suryani was born in Sidoarjo (East Java), and grew up singing in school choirs, later performing in bands since high school, as a lead vocalist. Her musical influences are broad, including ‘90s bands or female musicians.
Both had been writing their own music for a few years (Suryani since her college days and Widodo since 2005). Both had played in bands with friends for a long time before Suryani contacted Widodo one day in 2011, and asked him to collaborate with her. She had decided to turn her lyrics and tunes into something more solid, so she called her old friend (“Not sure why, she says, “but his face popped [into] my mind.” Though she admits to having “zero instrument skill,” they made good musical partners, have since released one EP, Live at Deus, in 2013, and are now poised for their first full album release of Constellation, May 15, 2015.

When not playing music, Suryani designs and makes charms and gem accessories, and runs a decoration business for weddings and events, while Widodo scores music for TVC.

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