Sunflower Station

Sunflower Station is a 5-piece Indie Pop band based in Manila. It’s about giving their listeners a euphoric mood in a setting of bright and cheerful tracks, hence the name Sunflower, known for being “happy flowers”. They chose the word “Station” as it denotes a community, where people gather together to enjoy music.

Jany Ligutan (vocals, guitar) and Don Davis Pido (guitar) have been performing and creating music together since 2013. After their previous band (The Bed Bites) dissolved, the two decided to continue making music together while exploring new direction and materials as Sunflower Station.

Jay Fernandez (Bass) and Neil Yap (Drums) serve as the backbone of the band. Neil decided to pursue music again after taking a break. The two childhood friends rejoined their former band members to explore a new direction with the group. Sam Carlos (Keys & Vocals) being the first time to explore playing music in a band later on joins the group to complete the essential sound of Sunflower Station. Sam fell in love with music at an early age, and would always turn to music for comfort.

The 5-piece is set to release a good number of music pleasantry under Lilystars Records and this is something everybody will look forward to!


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