The Camerawalls

Formed in Manila, Philippines in the last few quarters of 2007, The Camerawalls is known for creating sophisticated pop music. With a combination of jangly acoustic and elegantly driving electric guitars, they have succeeded in establishing a sound that will artfully give a nod to a variety of influences from the 60s to the 80s and beyond. The indie pop heritage of Clementine (formerly of Orange & Lemons) resonates throughout and reverberates excellence, both musically and lyrically.

The first ever release of Lilystars Records is the band’s debut album titled ‘Pocket Guide To The Otherworld’ which came out on July 3, 2008. In it are ten songs that feature the truest of sounds of indie pop, whimsical vocals, unique themes and inspiration such as Canto de Maria Clara from Noli Me Tangere , and innovative arrangements with the addition of banduria and octavina played by Clementine, himself.

About two years after, the band released the single, ‘The Sight of Love’, featuring Sarah Gaugler, the lead vocalist of Turbo Goth. This single was nominated in the “Feel Good Song of the Year” category in the 2nd Asia Pacific Voice Independent Music Awards (2010 AVIMA), the world’s largest and most supported independent music awards in 2009 and 2010. In the same year, they released an EP album titled, ‘Bread and Circuses’ on December 11, 2010. ‘My Life’s Arithmetic Means’ and ‘A Gentle Persuasion’ from this album are two of the band’s most popular songs on Spotify having hundreds of thousands of plays.

In 2012, The Camerawalls released another single called ‘Wanderlust’ and took this opportunity to turn the release into a fund raising activity as they donated 75% of the song’s earnings to the victims of the typhoon during that time. During this year, they also had a tour around Southeast Asia performing in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. After their tour, the band took a four year break as Clementine started working on his solo project, The Dragonfly Collector.

After their four year hiatus, the band reunited and released a remastered edition of their album, ‘Pocket Guide To The Otherworld’, on December 10, 2016. A few months after, they released ‘Boys In The Backroom’, a new single with the band’s new member, guitarist, Venj Gatmaitan. Then, the band had their first major concert in San Juan, Metro Manila with special guests, Bryan Estepa and a 16-piece string ensemble.


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