Dustybuns is an indie rock/electronic pop duo based in Metro Manila, Philippines consisting of Charles Baltazar (vocals and guitars) and Jok Oloquina (guitars, synths, and beats). The duo did not actually intend to get into the music industry full time and initially planned to treat it as a side project to release one song. However, eventually, they decided to get serious with it and now they are signed under Lilystars Records. The songs they usually produce are different from their releases, but they opted to take on the musical influences of the music their parents grew up listening to. As a result, their music sifted into a fusion of various genres such as indie pop, chill wave, electronic music, and ’80s pop.

They have released a single prior to signing under Lilystars Records, but their first under the label is a single called ‘Seasons’, which came out on October 16, 2020. 10 days after release, their song has already reached 1000 plays on Spotify. ‘Seasons’ features dreamy retro pop sounds, catchy hooks, and escapist lyrics that will surely uplift the moods of listeners with their theme anchored on getting through rough times – a perfect anthem of today’s juncture.

Dustybuns is currently working on an EP album that they will be releasing soon.


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