Raise A Glass To This New Track From The Bernadettes

In this skip-and-stride ode to inebriation (and, yes, the glorious morning after), The Bernadettes attack an ages-old motif with a primal, jokey-but-not-hokey energy. Different people, different drunks. The same can be said of recovery (or of unshackling from spirits) and its remembering: the guilt pangs, the gnawing regret, the clarity that barely beats the bell. [...]

Lilystars #ChooseToChallege, International Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day. In celebration of women's achievements and raise awareness against gender bias, Lilystars and our roster of artists #ChooseToChallenge. Here's a special playlist on Spotify featuring remarkable tracks from ADR, Project Orange, Meagan Trees, Dey Rose, Lily On The River, Parasouls, Bryan Estepa and The Gentle Isolation. #internationalwomensday Stream on Spotify: [...]