The new addition to the roster of artists of Lilystars Records, Parasouls, is an indie pop trio based in Manila, Philippines with siblings Dani Dimaano on vocals and guitar and Igoy Dimaano on drums, and Dani’s school mate and friend, Joshua Gaces, on bass. Dani started writing songs when she was in high school. Their musical identity is a mix of alternative rock, pop rock, indie and jangle music with their catchy pop lyrics and melodies. The band was one of the Top 10 Finalists of Eastwood City’s artist search, ‘Amplified’.

Their debut single, ‘Can We, Can We’, was released on October 2, 2020. Inspired by the series, ‘Doctor Who’, this was the first ever song Dani wrote with bassist Joshua way back when they were in highschool and was originally recorded as an acoustic song. It was then later changed into something more playful and uplifting to fit the band’s musical sensibilities. Dani treated the song as an ode to Rose Tyler and Doctor Who and her lyrics perfectly captured the theme.

Parasouls is working on another single to be released before 2020 ends and an album for the following year.


Parasouls – Let’s Pretend (Official Music Video)
Parasouls – Can We, Can We (Official Music Video)

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