Heart vs Mind – Bryan Estepa (Album)

Release Date: March 1, 2013

Sydney based singer songwriter, Bryan Estepa, has been making an impact over the past five to ten years, not just in Australia, but also around the world. It doesn’t take long to see the appeal of his easy listening, pop rock songs. Estepa doesn’t, by any means, break many moulds, but his effortless approach to song writing is admirable. Heart vs Mind kicks off with an almost Neil Young style acoustic track, ‘We Just Might Get Near’. This song is a really nice opener and highlights Estepa’s song writing strengths, heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals. It’s clear throughout the album that this music could sit comfortably within any of the past four decades. Furthermore, it’s testament to the strength of the song writing that it doesn’t end up a jumbled mess of influences.

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