Dragonfly Collector Launches Philippine Promo Tour

Lilystars Records is proud to bring Dragonfly Collector to a city nearest you! Eight months after the digital release of his critically acclaimed debut album, The World is Your Oyster, Dragonfly Collector embarks on "The World is Your Oyster Philippine Tour 2015", introducing a completely different approach to concert touring and musical promotion. The tour [...]

There Is No Remaining In Place – Dragonfly Collector (Official Video)

http://youtu.be/eydrpF3U3kM Produced by 57 Studios Manila and Lilystars Records. Directed by TV/Film Actor Alwyn Uytingco. Featuring Makshi Nachor and the beautiful town of Dingalan, Aurora. This is the official music video to THERE IS NO REMAINING IN PLACE, the debut single of Clementine (Orange & Lemons/The Camerawalls) for the forthcoming solo album under the new [...]