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Pre-Order the 2016 Remastered Reissue of “Pocket Guide To The Otherworld” by The Camerawalls

November 26, 2016

Christine Mazur

Fans of respected indie pop rockers, The Camerawalls, can now enjoy the band’s first full-length 2008 album Pocket Guide To The Otherworld in digitally remastered version in CD and high quality download. The reissue will also feature the remastered bonus track “The Sight Of Love”, a single they released in 2010.

Pocket Guide To The Otherworld - The Camerawalls (2016 Remastered)

Release Date: December 10, 2016

1. Markers Of Beautiful Memories
2. Clinically Dead For 16 Hours
3. Lord Of The Flies
4. I Love You, Natalie
5. Changing Horses Midstream
6. Ignore My Weakness, Don’t Ignore Me
7. Canto De Maria Clara
8. The Emperor, The Concubine & The Commoner
9. Solitary North Star
10. Lizards Hiding Under Rocks

Bonus Track
11. The Sight Of Love feat. Sarah Gaugler

Listen to a sample remastered track for I Love You, Natalie.

In line with this, they recently announced they are getting back together to perform and record new materials after more than four years of hiatus. Catch them live one again on December 10, 2016 at 70s Bistro for latest reincarnation of The POP Shoppe!

The World Is Your Oyster is Now in Your Hands

April 18, 2016

Christine Mazur

Lilystars Records launches Vinyl and CD versions of Dragonfly Collector’s acclaimed album April 20th.

Nothing beats digital music like an old fashioned vinyl record or even a CD. You can hold it in your hands, place it on the turntable or in the disc changer and enjoy loud, live music as you dance around the room. Or you can curl up with the album cover, reading the notes and anticipating each next song.

Lilystars Records in partnership with Pabrika Records Filipinas is pleased to announce the launch of the CD and Vinyl versions of Dragonfly Collector’s acclaimed first album, The World Is Your Oyster.

The World Is Your Oyster CD and Vinyl Launch

E-Poster by Ige Trinidad

The official Vinyl Listening Party happens Wednesday, April 20th at 8:00 p.m. at Boiler Room Bar, 109 Carlos Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, 1229 Makati, Philippines. Admission is FREE.

The listening part of the evening will be followed by live performances of:
Dragonfly Collector
Bing Austria
The Gentle Isolation
Ian Penn

First released in digital format in January, 2015, The World Is Your Oyster has been hailed by some as one of the best independent albums of 2015. Both the vinyl and CD sleeves and inserts feature original art by Philippine artist and graphic designer, Ige Trinidad.

Dragonfly Collector is the solo project of Clem Castro aka Clementine, formerly of Orange and Lemons and The Camerawalls.

The following Dragonfly Collector merchandise will be available for sale at the launch: Pins, Posters, T-Shirts, Mugs, Postcards, Notebooks.

You can purchase The World Is Your Oyster CD and Vinyl online at