Day & Dream is Back with New Lo-Fi Picker-Upper

Mood music? Introspective writing? Wistful, lo-fi ‘70s-porn beats? You can always count on Abby Amaya and Peter Frizzante to deliver the goods. I relish each new release from the duo Day & Dream, who after two singles on this humble little label— “Rabbit Hole” and “Cabin Fever,” both from “the sun-kissed, reverb-drenched side of things,” [...]

The Midnight Greetings Navigates ‘Gen Z’ Emptiness On Debut Single “Youth”

The Midnight Greetings, the solo bedroom pop project of Cebu-based singer-songwriter Kyle Maraton, paints a drowsy picture of emptiness on his debut single “Youth”—released today. Entangled in the woes of suburban teenage ennui and reckless sentiments, The Midnight Greetings delivers a coming-of-age soundtrack with timeless appeal. On his latest song “Youth,” Kyle wears his Gen [...]