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French Synth Pop Group HELICO Dedicates Their Debut Single To The People Of Manila

December 16, 2016

Christine Mazur


Photo of Helico by Nicolas Dumoulin

Born in 2016, the French synth pop group Helico is a collaboration between rock band Paganella and DJ Moule (Stéphane Mourgues). Delphine Audevard is the siren voice behind this new endeavour based in Southwestern France, adding synths to the guitar and live looping of Sylvain Sentenach and more recently, bass synth and machines of Aurélien Calvo who has joined the group for live performances.

While Helico draws from influences like The Do, Christine and the Queens, and Daft Punk, rockers The Ting Tings and the Cardigans and other progressive French techno pop like Yelle or Belgium’s Alice on the Roof, Delphine’s songwriting is on the deeper side of all things pop. “I am mostly inspired by the dark side of life,” she says, “trying to get the light from it” exploring themes inspired from people and relationships, a guitar riff or a city like Manila – Manille in French, the title of Helico’s first single being released in the Philippines on December 16, 2016 by Lilystars Records. Delphine was inspired to write the song after having spent three weeks in the Philippines and falling in love with the city. Delphine and Helico dedicate this first single to the people of Manila.

Manille - Helico (Cover Art)

Mysterious and moody, Manille is a yearning love song from the depths of a woman’s heart dedicated to the complex, turbulent beauty of the world’s most densely populated city. Helico vocalist Delphine Audevard wraps her voice around the brooding synth intro and almost Spanish rhythm like the gossamer silk of a traditional beaded shawl. Layers of rhythms and synth build to the chorus: Filipino te quiero, Filipina I love ya.

Delphine’s voice is strong, clear and flexible, recalling French-Canadian singer/cellist Jorane, known for her alternative singing style, or French singer-songwriter Christine and the Queens (Héloïse Letissier), while intense, driving beats and unusual melodic constructions reveal Helico’s influences of the likes of Daft Punk and The Dos.

As bonus tracks, two remixes bring out different moods from the same song: Tioneb’s Remix (aka. Benoît Poujade) takes it up a notch, starting with the chorus, speeding things up to a frantic, action-packed pace like the constant flow of cars along EDSA, the city’s infamous circular freeway. Tioneb indulges this mix with a host of creative noise ending in digital fireworks.

Jo’s Remix (Jonathan Lamarque) takes an manga-like approach, highlighting Delphine’s voice underlaid with a smooth chorus bed of synths, while busy little rhythms and effects run madly like Japanese cartoon characters.

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More info about HELICO HERE.

Indonesian Duo Stars and Rabbit To Perform in Manila

May 26, 2015


Stars and Rabbit Asian Tour 2015 (Manila Leg)

Stars and Rabbit, an up and coming musical duo from Indonesia, is slated to perform in Manila on Sunday, June 7, 2015, at the Saguijo Bar in Makati.  Made up of vocalist Elda Suryani and guitarist Adi Widodo, Stars and Rabbit are touring Asia to promote their new album Constellation.  Manila is the seventh stop on the tour which also covers parts of the duo’s native Indonesia and China.

Stars and Rabbit Asian Tour 2015 (Manila Leg)

While influenced by British acts like Coldplay and Imogen Heap as well as Icelandic artists Sigur Ros and Bjork, Stars and Rabbit have a style all their own.  Elda Suryani’s unique voice, Adi Widodo’s playful way with the guitar, and a sensibility that transcends national and cultural boundaries characterize the pair’s music. Their new album is, in fact, a unique auditory experience that pairs thoughtful, even wistful lyrics with haunting vocals and stirring melodies.

Listen to their debut album “Constellation” released on May 15, 2015.

Watch Stars and Rabbit live performing “Like It Here” in Bali.


Stars and Rabbit’s Manila show is a joint initiative of local indie music label Lilystars Records in partnership with Indonesia’s Green Island Music.  Also performing are Lilystars artists Dragonfly Collector, Bing Austria, Ian Penn, and Jen Rogers.

Tickets are available online via  For inquiries and additional information, call or text 0905-3849495 or 0916-4004343.