ADR’s “In Your Own Skin” is a Quaint Room, a Quiet Sit-Down, a Quake Waiting to Break

ADR’s new single is a scathing rebuke of her trade, and also a palpable detour from her typically tranquil chill-wave stylings. The central point of departure between Alessandra de Rossi’s music and acting is demonstrativeness. Put simply: Her films feed on it, and her songs stray from it. That’s not terribly surprising when one considers [...]

JAM 88.3 Presents LILYSTARS 13 Years Of POP

As part of our celebration of LILYSTARS RECORDS' 13th Anniversary, we partnered with JAM 88.3's REPUBLIK to bring you a two-hour radio show featuring indie music from our current roster of artists. 13 Years Of POP with select tracks from Project Orange, Bryan Estepa, Dey Rose, Them Bloody Royals, The Camerawalls, The Bernadettes, The Gentle [...]