JAM 88.3 Presents LILYSTARS 13 Years Of POP

As part of our celebration of LILYSTARS RECORDS' 13th Anniversary, we partnered with JAM 88.3's REPUBLIK to bring you a two-hour radio show featuring indie music from our current roster of artists. 13 Years Of POP with select tracks from Project Orange, Bryan Estepa, Dey Rose, Them Bloody Royals, The Camerawalls, The Bernadettes, The Gentle [...]

Raise A Glass To This New Track From The Bernadettes

In this skip-and-stride ode to inebriation (and, yes, the glorious morning after), The Bernadettes attack an ages-old motif with a primal, jokey-but-not-hokey energy. Different people, different drunks. The same can be said of recovery (or of unshackling from spirits) and its remembering: the guilt pangs, the gnawing regret, the clarity that barely beats the bell. [...]