Pining for Escape? Sunflower Station Has the Keys

The new jangle-oriented, boy-girl, call-and-response offering from Sunflower Station takes you by the hand to a glorious elsewhere, where all the unhinged nuts and bolts of life are, miraculously, held intact. Music criticism is nudging private obsessions into the public sphere. The exercise, to me, isn’t so much a simple matter of ascertaining whether something [...]

Summer Arrives Early via New Dustybuns Track

“Memories” is dreamy, richly layered, and tasteful without burdening itself too much about reinventing the wheel. Rejoice, ye indie-pop faithful. Indie pop is evergreen, and I think it’s because of the catch-all utility of its songs. If music is life, and songs are smaller moments in that life, then indie-pop elements—major-sevenths, reverb plug-ins, delay pedals, [...]