The Bernadettes

The Bernadettes started as a four-piece Filipino garage rock band based in Las Piñas, Philippines with Paulo Angeles as the lead vocalist, his brother Poch Angeles on vocals and guitar, Don Soguilon on bass, and Andre Salazar on drums. Their songs feature “dirty” elements such as unrefined guitar riffs and bass lines as well as those characteristically unclean percussion and vocals, “a definite recipe for a musical disaster” as they call it, and yet all together, those elements work well and sound good.

The band, referring to their genre as “drunk pop”, released their first single, ‘Let’s Make Babies’, with Lilystars Records on May 8, 2009 before they had a little over a decade long hiatus. Now, with three members, Paulo and Poch Angeles and Andre Salazar, they had a comeback with new single called ‘Worthless Beautiful’ which was released on September 23, 2020. They are now planning to release a full album by 2021.


The Bernadettes – Sober (Official Music Video)
The Bernadettes – Worthless Beautiful (Official Music Video)

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