Loud Concert, Quiet Anniversary

I'm still hungover over Club 8's visit to the Philippines even after weeks since the conclusion of the shows we co-produced plus the fact that Lilystars has already turned two years old last May. I cannot recall including concert production on a large scale as part of our plan of activities. Lilystars as I heard [...]

A Night To Remember

(click on the title to enjoy the posted video) Friday the 8th of May is a celebration of a number of exciting things. The label and its releases, the bands and their supporters, and the music that will inevitably fill the air and keep the excitement going.  A production in true blue DIY fashion. Gweilos [...]

Life Begins at One

A goal without a plan is just a wish. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery There are instances when recollections are potent factors for discerning a sail on the horizon. Birth is one of them. The rudiments of a plan has produce some lovely sights and sounds enough to mark beautiful memories.