A Night To Remember

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Friday the 8th of May is a celebration of a number of exciting things. The label and its releases, the bands and their supporters, and the music that will inevitably fill the air and keep the excitement going.  A production in true blue DIY fashion.

Gweilos Makati was packed in and out for Lilystars anniversary and launch party for the CD singles of The Bernadettes (Let’s Make Babies) and Turbo Goth (Morning Swim) as well as The Camerawalls’ new edition of their debut album (Pocket Guide To The Otherworld). Those vibrant faces and lucid smiles are contagious and intoxicating. Clearly it was the best year of music for everyone involved.

Our event was hosted by Sarah Gaugler (Turbo Goth) and Ian Sarabia (The Camerawalls) and promptly began as the place was being filled by guests walking in with a long set by The Camerawalls before introducing a preview of their music video for “Solitary North Star.” Frenzy ensues as Turbo Goth took their turn with their brand of electro-pop madness and sophistication. The remixes of Jonathan Ong for “Morning Swim” and “Let’s Make Babies” were introduced and blasted over the speakers continued by a semi rowdy finish with a series of live “drunk pop” (as they fondly call it) music by The Bernadettes. This is music!

Thanks to the mileage given by top radio stations (Jam 88.3 and NU 107.5) and local music channel (MYX), more and more people are taking notice of the sound and the movement. Also present are Robert Javier (one of the producer/engineer for Lilystars artists), Atom Henares (head honcho of NU 107), Status Magazine, Snap Photo!, The POP Shoppe!, Johnny Alegre, Cris Ramos (Revolver), Erwin Romulo, and members of the following indie bands: The Gentle Isolation, Your Imaginary Friends, Dayuhan, Skies Of Ember, and Balloon Derby.

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