Pretty Loser – Sheila and the Insects (Official MV)

Twenty one years in the music circuit, off and on, has not mellowed the band. They still sound as belligerent as punks, with a light coating of jaded sophistication. “Pretty Loser” has the snappy drumbeat, edgy guitars and snarky lyrics that one has come to expect from Sheila and the Insects. It’s their version of an “ode to unrequited love,” but one could also interpret it as giving unrequited love the middle finger.

Single released 09 January 2013 | Lilystars Records
Words and Music by Orven Enoveso

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Video Production Credits:
Production House: Southernlads
Director and Edit: Karl Lucente
Director of Photography: Neil Briones, Steven Atenta
Production Manager: Steven Canete
Storyboard: Edgardo Butawan Jr.
Graffer: Steven Canete, Trenary Guerrero
Production Design: Gale Osorio, Katrena Malicay, Anne Amores
Make-up Artist: Bea Sagun
Colorist: Neil Briones
Character and Costume Design: Miles Semblante and Christine Francia

The Fox: Ian Joplin Virrey
The Deer: Gino Almedilla
The Hunters: Ian Zafra, Orven Enoveso, Vince Yap, Wesley Chiongbian
Special Thanks: Ate Merlin, Hidden Paradise, Val Yap, April, Debbie

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