Dragonfly Collector Releases New Album

The World is Your Oyster out January 10, 2015

Singer-songwriter Clementine celebrates his tenth year in the music industry by taking on the persona of the Dragonfly Collector with his solo debut The World is Your Oyster. This eclectic collection of original songs is now officially available online via iTunes and all other digital stores worldwide today, January 10, 2015. Physical editions in CD and vinyl formats will be made available at a later date.

Described in preliminary reviews as an album that showcases the artist as musician, wordsmith, and storyteller, TWIYO is a musical collection solidly built upon lilting rhythms, quirky wordplay, and a deeply spiritual touch that goes beyond mere music. Read the reviews

While Clementine’s love for The Beatles and The Smiths remains evident, the artist goes onto an entirely different path by taking on the folk styling of indie acts such as The Decemberists and the Fleet Foxes. With TWIYO, these numerous influences are deftly woven into ten thought-provoking tracks that that will transport listeners from the mundane world to a more intriguing realm. Characterized by lilting melodies and clever wordplay, the new album delivers a deep, lingering message about life, love and death that makes this album an inspiring find to be listened to over and over again.

Listen to the full album:

Dragonfly Collector

For further information regarding Dragonfly Collector and The World is Your Oyster, log on to the official website at www.dragonflycollector.com.

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