Fetish by FILAGO: EP Review

Cover Art Painting, Layout and Design by Kyrie Kristmanson
Cover Art Painting, Layout and Design by Kyrie Kristmanson

Haunting. That best describes the sound of Paris-based indie rock trio Filago. Compelling. That captures the effect of the five deceptively simple micro-epic works of shoegaze art that are the five songs on Filago’s new EP, Fetish. Sway helplessly in a trance to Odd Ode as you try to decipher the spare yet sophisticated lyrics that remind you of The Smiths, while you rest satisfied to the instrumental solo made only of bass and drums.

Sarah’s Laughter, the first single off the EP, pulls you helplessly onto the dance floor to move like nobody’s watching. This enigmatic story-song’s irresistible up-beat groove starts high energy and only goes up from there with layers of sound growing into an exciting electro pop trance eargasm. An exotic ’60’s jazz James Bond smoothness underlies the low tones and intricate rhythms of Ocean Roar. You see yourself standing on a balcony overlooking a rugged Grecian coastline lined with white ruins, sailing ships far in the distance. Take a break from dancing and reflect on life for a moment with Candied Sun, as violins fill your heart with sustained, yearning, loving harmonies as a voice floats over them as on an ocean wave, singing dreamily of hope and freedom of the soul. Say goodbye with gentle determination just like Mimosa, the last peculiar and most experimental track on this collection of sound art, as it comes to a final, sparkling resolution. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Fetish EP is now available under Lilystars Records.

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