Introducing Paris-based Indie Rock Outfit FILAGO and Their New EP “Fetish”

Photo by by Pauline Pénicaud
Photo by Pauline Pénicaud

Filago, named for the beautiful Italian sound of both a flower and a municipality in Italy, was formed in Paris in 2013 when three like-minded musicians, Marco, Nico and Jim, were introduced by mutual friends. Classically trained as jazz musicians, Nico (Nicolas Charlier) plays drums and percussion while Marco (Marc-Antoine Perrio) plays guitar, piano, many other instruments, and sings back-up vocals. Lead singer Jim (Jean-Marie Paillard) is a self-taught guitarist who possesses a crystal clear, dream-like voice. The three share common musical influences of the Talking Heads, Nick Cave, Serge Gainsbourg and Mark Hollis. The Smiths are a clear influence both in lyrics and music, as are 80’s synth-pop sounds and simple melodies like post-punk American band The Cars, especially when instrumentals break down to bare bones bass and drums. Filago’s first EP “The Blue Part In The Flame,” was released in 2014, and their latest, “Fetish” was recorded in Paris and Videlles (France) in the summer of 2015.

Cover Art Painting, Layout and Design by Kyrie Kristmanson
Cover Art Painting, Layout and Design by Kyrie Kristmanson

Fetish, the new five-song 2016 EP  is a mini gallery of shoegaze sound art that will have listeners swaying and dancing. This satisfying collection journeys from exotic 60’s jazz and James Bond groove (“shaken, not stirred) to exciting electro pop trance eargasms. It takes a break from dancing to reflect on life for a few moments with words of Morrissey-like wisdom floating through the brain before ending with a final, sparkling resolution, the stuff dreams are made of. Haunting, compelling, simple yet sophisticated.

Worldwide Release Date: December 10, 2016
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1. Odd Ode
2. Sarah’s Laughter
3. Ocean Roar
4. Candied Sun
5. Mimosa

Listen to the single “Sarah’s Laughter”

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