Orange & Lemons To Release First Album In More Than A Decade

Orange & Lemons has confirmed they will release their 4th studio album later this year.

The indie pop/alternative rock band’s last album was 2007’s critically acclaimed “Moonlane Gardens” which won Album of the Year in the defunct NU Rock Awards. The new album will be an all-Tagalog release with a modern Kundiman vibe. They have teased a follow-up the past years with the release of “Pag-ibig Sa Tabing-Dagat” and “Ikaw Ang Aking Tahanan“.

With the persistent legacy of releasing albums comprising of mostly English and a few Tagalog songs, this new gem is to contrastively deliver merit to the Motherland and prestige to the mother tongue. To begin recording on March, the indie prodigies have yet disclosed as to when fans can expect the date of release.

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