Sarah’s Laughter: A Single by FILAGO

Starting with deceptive simplicity characteristic of ‘80s synth pop, Sarah’s laughter, grows into a full, exciting electro pop trance eargasm. Under smooth, relaxed story-telling vocals, an enticing mix of sparse new wave beats and flickers of melody give way to experimental guitar building to a climax of very modern sound f/x. Dance the night away to this first single off Fetish, Paris-based indie rock group Filago’s new EP.

Out on December 10, 2016
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Written by Jean-Marie Paillard
Music by Jean-Marie Paillard, Marc-Antoine Perrio, Nicolas Charlier and Olivier Miconi

Recorded during the summer of 2015 in Paris and Videlles (France) by Nicolas Charlier.

Jean-Marie Paillard: vocals and guitars
Marc-Antoine Perrio: guitars, pianos and back up vocals
Nicolas Charlier: drums and percussions
Olivier Miconi: keyboards
Baptiste Germser: bass

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