Singer-Songwriter Dey Rose And Her Debut Single “Puzzle Piece”

Lilystars Records proudly announces the release of “Puzzle Piece,” the first single by Dey Rose, the newest member of our artist roster. Dey Rose, a Vancouver-based, Baguio-born singer-songwriter, achieves a graceful fusion of jazz, soul and indie pop in her distinctive sound. A little bit Lana Del Rey, a little bit Adele, or on the other side of the globe, Sampaguita or Lolita Carbon. “Puzzle Piece” is a dreamy, soulful soundscape that shares the experience of realizing the answers to questions about life, love, and one’s place in the world.

Puzzle Piece - Dey Rose (Cover Art)
Cover Art by Ige Trinidad

Released January 10, 2020

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Dey Rose wrote the song after attending the Blessed Coast music festival in 2018 held in her first Canadian hometown of Squamish, British Columbia. With its sense of community and family vibe, this festival experience broke through the writers’ block she was experiencing at the time and helped her to come to certain realizations. “Being at this festival opened up my heart and lifted off the heaviness I had been feeling,” she said. “I also dedicated this song to the festival itself for presenting itself to me during the time that I really needed something/someone to answer my questions about love, a relationship, but most importantly about life and why I was in the position that I was in at the time – as if I found the puzzle piece I had been looking for.”

Dey Rose
Photo by Alec McRae

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