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Pre Order Club 8 – Above The City, New Single Now Available

April 8, 2013

Denise Atas

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We are pleased to announce that Lilystars will be releasing the new studio album of Club 8 entitled Above The City on May 21 under license from Club 8 and Labrador.

Above The City is now available for pre-order in CD format.  The CD Album will be a limited Philippine edition in two pocket card wallet with a 6 panel inlay, lyrics and mini poster.  Pre-order includes immediate download of their new single “Stop Taking My Time” in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.

“Sumptuous atmosphere; even with a back catalogue full of them, it’s one of their most hypnotic singles yet.” – Pitchfork

“8 is the Number of the perfection, the infinity. It’s album #8 from Club 8. After 18 months of recording and another 6 months arguing about the track order, song titles and album title – Club 8 have finished their album Above the City. While producing they have, among other things, worked with Russian field recordings, children’s choirs, samples from erotic movies and used odd building material as drums. This is Magic!” – Labrador

Above The City - Club 8

1. Kill Kill Kill
2. Stop Taking My Time
3. You Could Be Anybody
4. Run
5. Interlude
6. Hot Sun
7. A Small Piece Of Heaven
8. I’m Not Gonna Grow Old
9. Interlude #2
10. Into Air
11. Instrumental
12. Travel
13. Less Than Love
14. Straight As An Arrow


Four Years of POP!

April 12, 2012

Denise Atas

Lilystars Records marks the 4th year of its creation and advocacy of fine indie pop music with an anniversary party on April 13, Friday, at AMOS Cafe in Quezon City.

Asked about his thoughts on the label’s 4 years, label manager and The Camerawalls frontman, Clementine, said, “I can remember Johan Angergard* (Labrador, Club 8, Acid House Kings) telling me it takes around four years for an indie label to really make anything. I’m looking forward to that.”

Founded in April 2008, Lilystars has, since then, signed various local indie acts, released a full-length album, several singles, EPs, videos, contributed to local & foreign compilation albums, and staged tribute nights and major gigs via its own production outfit, The POP Shoppe! Its present roster of artists include The Gentle Isolation, Your Imaginary Friends and banner artist, The Camerawalls.

Projects lined-up in 2012 include more single releases, tours locally and of Southeast Asia, as well as several collaborations with other like-minded artists and record labels abroad. All these are geared towards strengthening the presence of Lilystars’ artists and their music advocacy in the local & global independent music scene.

Lilystars’ 4th Anniversary Party by The POP Shoppe! At AMOS Cafe on April 13 will feature performances by the label’s roster of artists, Kate Torralba and the Flippin’ Soul Stompers.

  Design by Lui Cornelio

AMOS Cafe is located at 100 Kamias Road, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

 * Johan Angergard is associated with the following at present: Labrador Records [Sweden], Club 8, Acid House Kings & The Legends