Lilystars #ChooseToChallege, International Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day. In celebration of women's achievements and raise awareness against gender bias, Lilystars and our roster of artists #ChooseToChallenge. Here's a special playlist on Spotify featuring remarkable tracks from ADR, Project Orange, Meagan Trees, Dey Rose, Lily On The River, Parasouls, Bryan Estepa and The Gentle Isolation. #internationalwomensday Stream on Spotify: [...]

Parasouls Revisit Formative Early Tune in New Single

Bristling with youth and devoid of pretense, this early Parasouls tune (revisited and reimagined as their new single) is clear proof that, sometimes, elasticity is overrated and simplicity is still king. “Let’s Pretend” is of paramount import in Parasouls lore. It was the first tune singer-composer Dani Dimaano and bassist Josh Gaces played together in [...]