Above The City – Club 8 (Album)

Release Date: May 21, 2013

This new album captures the spirit of the darkened urban cityscape effortlessly. It offers a revved-up, synth-heavy dance-pop tune for the impatient;  a perfect theme song for someone eager to be cloaked in anonymity, to be just another face in the crowd; and even a track for the moment you get a little lightheaded from party noise and hope for a respite from the mayhem, but still feel compelled to linger. It is an easy album to listen to – it doesn’t demand very much of you but to be in the moment. It’s often an explosion of joie de vivre, or a nostalgic sound-trip to the 80s  and occasionally a somber introspection that weighs in, slightly, the so-called “breath of air on a sigh,” cut abruptly.

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