Alessandra De Rossi Releases Remastered Version Of “Make It Better” Under New Moniker ADR

ADR, Alessandra de Rossi’s ambient music project, has finally released the 2020 version of “Make It Better” under Lilystars Records.

Delicately arranged with ethereal soundscapes, trip-hop beats, and New Age-inspired vocals, ADR’s self-penned and self-produced electro-pop number has been given a remastered treatment, making it sound more polished and intricate than ever.

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Written in as early as 2010, “Make It Better” is a product of its time: a confessional outlet that simmers with disappointment and heartbreak. The otherworldly vibe evokes the pulsating confessionals of Imogen Heap and Zero 7, but her words are entirely a world of its own: a bold excursion outside celebrityhood and social expectations, where personal truths are best served in a coded form, and are blurred in dream-like filters.

Aside from “Make It Better,” ADR’s debut record, Adrift will also make its way to several music platforms soon in remastered format. Initially released in 2012, the 13-track chillout, electronic and ambient album was made available for free download as a zip file.

Watch the official music video of “Make It Better”


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