Indie Pop Trio Parasouls Drops Debut Single “Can We, Can We”

Indie pop trio Parasouls deftly captures the frustration of romantic yearning on their debut single “Can We, Can We”—released today under Lilystars.

A brisk but engaging alt-rock number that brings to mind the likes of The Cranberries and Frankie Cosmos, the band’s latest release is a tribute to a beloved sci-fi character from one of the longest running TV series in the world, Dr. Who.

Cover Art by Senti-Juke

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“Can We Can We” is indicative of the band’s combined music influences, which touch on a more playful but deceptively simple arrangement and anthemic pacing. It sets the tone for their future releases, where the music is written and produced with the right mix of inherent rawness, melodic sheen, and pop sensibility.

Parasouls are composed of siblings Dani Dimaano (vocals, guitars) and Igoy Dimaano (drums) with Dani’s school mate Josh Gaces on bass.

From top to bottom: Igoy, Dani and Josh. All photos by Mikki Luistro.

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