Florianópolis, Te Quiero: Cineplexx’s new album and single

Te Quiero, the first single off London-based Cineplexx’s new album Florianópolis, lands in Manila March 24th along with its dreamy bossa nova B-side Sol, just in time to heat things up for summer dance parties. Hypnotic merengue beats, textured soundscapes and sensual vocals hook the ear with irresistible audio sparkle. Layers of tropical cosmic disco build intensity, summoning hips to sway to the rhythm.

“Florianópolis is an album to be listened to more with the heart than with the head; it celebrates the possibility of living a fantasy that make us forget an overrated reality,” says the man behind Cineplexx, Argentine-born Sebastián Litmanovitch. His 11th full-length album is available from Lilystars Records April 7th.

With a kaleidoscope of exciting latin rhythms, Florianópolis is different from Cineplexx’s previous albums. “I love to play percussion and bass and choppy guitars, and I have always been a fan of disco and funk so this album is the first time I really show all these influences,” says Sebastián.

Raised on a steady diet of latin boleros, bossa novas, brazilian music and disco, Sebastián describes his music as “a cinematic space in which you could live your own fantasy.” Florianópolis is a city in southern Brazil which Sebastián visited as a youth, which some locals call the “magic island.” Cineplexx’s Florianópolis is a cocktail of sounds: disco, bossa, afrofunk, electrónica, pop – transporting listeners to a magical island where they might find Ariel Pink dancing with Rita Lee to the sounds of Tom Jobim, Chic, Prince or Fela Kuti.

Sebastián wrote, produced and performed the album’s 13 songs in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese along with guest vocalists Linda Mirada, Natalia Clavier (Thievery Corporation & Federico Aubele), Lilies On Mars and Ana Montiel (also the artist responsible for the album’s artwork). He regularly collaborates, having worked with Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Dulgas Stewart and BMX Bandits, and Nigel Baillie (Camera Obscura) among other artists.

As one talented world citizen, Sebastián seamlessly incorporates music into his life as a graphic designer, sharing good vibes with the world through music and art. “Anything I do influences all my activities,” he says. “I like to create parallel universes.”

Listen, or buy/download Te Quiero with B-side Sol (available March 24) and Florianópolis (available April 7) at http://shop.lilystars-records.com

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