Mise-en-scène: coming this Saturday

I can’t find the right notes for you…

A boy runs through a forest, glancing over his shoulder. A man strides with determination through twisting trees. Waves crash on a beach. The horizon beckons.

I see a vision of stellar proportions…

The world will see the vision of Dragonfly Collector this Saturday, February 15th at noon (Manila time), when Lilystars Records releases the official music video for There Is No Remaining in Place. This first single from Clementine’s forthcoming solo album, The World is Your Oyster, is a step in a completely new direction for the creative force behind Orange and Lemons and The Camerawalls. As Dragonfly Collector, Clementine is ready to give the world a new perspective on sight and sound. Stay tuned for this new visual experience.

Until then, please share the link to this video trailer with the hashtag #DRAGONFLYCOLLECTOR. The single is still available for FREE DOWNLOAD by signing up to the official mailing list: http://dragonflycollector.fanbridge.com/

Join the Facebook event page for credits and updates  http://www.facebook.com/events/573534122743601/

Deepest thanks go to everyone involved in the making of this remarkable video especially to our producer Jofre Nachor of  57 Studios Manila and our video director Alwyn Uytingco.

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