The Midnight Greetings’ New Offering is Glorious, Drone-y Ear Candy

.The new single by The Midnight Greetings is hypnotic bedroom pop that’s also potent bedroom fodder (wink nudge).

The last time we heard from Kyle Maraton, he was laying a hypnotic, M.C. Escher-style trip on us via “If Time is a Luxury.” I was piqued by that tack, to tell you the truth, because apart from having taken a prolonged break from our dials and radars, that sound is a make-or-break proposition that puts a heavy wager on the strength of a melody.

And the man who goes by The Midnight Greetings is, if nothing else, a man of melody.

Except, unlike fans of labyrinthine tunesmithery in the manner of, say, XTC, The Jam, or even Attractions-era Costello, Maraton only cares to sniff out the rarest truffle of a tune, turn it on its head, and have it on display ad infinitum.

In short, he’s more an exuberant slice-of-lifer than a grand architect. After all, if you think about it, the test of a good tune is if it can be endured on a loop in an elevator (or elsewhere equally constricting).

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That’s what “If Time” accomplished, and that’s what his new single “On My Mind” is reclaiming anew, but now with more major-seventh, acid-jazz-spiked-with-RnB, “business time” flavor.

Maraton has no grand pronouncements about the single, saying it’s simply a stab at doing “something casual and common,” on top of being an exploration of his skills in musical production. But that’s really modesty at play: with “On My Mind” he’s laying ear candy most studio-bound overthinkers can only dream of churning.

TMG is clearly a sound draftsman with a saintly ear for the hummable, and I hope he keeps at it. Fans of Josh Fudge and babychair would be tickled pink by the overlaps, but we at Lilystars think Maraton is a true original.

Spin “On My Mind” over candlelight, preferably with fine company.

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