The Butterfly Collectors

Tribute nights in Manila abounds and even became a fad for a time being by mini production outfits in choice venues. The POP Shoppe! joined in the bandwagon by organizing a few of our own enthusiastic theme nights that hollers the name of great musicians like The Beatles, The Jam, The Smiths and even Blur.

After a night of rummaging through a big bag of mini v8s of live footages with Law and Antonette, we decided to share these fantastic moments of music and drunken hours beginning with the modfather himself — Paul Weller.


Paul Weller (born John William Weller on 25 May 1958) is an English singer-songwriter.

Starting with the very successful punk-rock band The Jam (1976-1982), Weller then went on to branch out musically to a more soulful style with The Style Council (1983-1989). In 1991 he re-established himself as a successful solo artist, and continues to remain a respected singer, lyricist and guitarist, a fact reaffirmed by his recent awarding of the 2009 BRIT award for ‘Best Male Solo Artist’. He has remained a national rather than an international star, which may be unsurprising considering much of his songwriting  is rooted in British culture. He is also the principal figure of the 1970s Mod revival and is often referred to as the Modfather. (source: Wikipedia)


The Butterfly Collectors - A Night of Paul Weller Classics
The Butterfly Collectors - A Night of Paul Weller Classics

It was an inevitable choice. I am a big fan of The Jam ever since I heard Morrissey’s gloomy version of That’s Entertainment. And over the years I was introduced little by little to Weller’s crooning and evolution. The event happened four months ago but watching the footages gave us an enormous sense of well-being for something you don’t hear quite often that only a scattering of music aficionados can relate to.

The event title was taken from one of The Jam’s B-side song titles.  As positive as it may sound “The Butterfly Collector,” penned by Weller, speaks of amorality and abuse. Something very socially relevant with the ‘butterflies’ amongst us directly related to unscrupulous politics and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Needless to say it was a fun intimate jam and we are grateful to all the bands that lovingly participated and the appreciative audience which made it far more memorable. Below is a video clip summary of what transpired.

(Video song sequence: Come To Milton Keynes – The Gentle Isolation, You’re The Best Thing – Kate Torralba & Cameron Aquino, From The Floorboards Up – Turbo Goth, David Watts – The Bernadettes, Start! – The Camerawalls)

Here’s a complete list of Paul Weller tunes covered during the night (some songs contain links to a full live video):

Come To Milton Keynes (The Style Council) – The Gentle Isolation
From The Floorboards Up (Paul Weller) – Turbo Goth
David Watts (The Jam) – The Bernadettes
You’re The Best Thing (The Style Council) – Kate Torralba & Cameron Aquino
Start! – Patience Dear Juggernaut
My Ever Changing Moods (The Style Council) – Patience Dear Juggernaut
Shout To The Top (The Style Council) – Patience Dear Juggernaut
Start! (The Jam) – The Camerawalls
Town Called Malice (The Jam) – The Camerawalls
The Butterfly Collector (The Jam) – The Camerawalls
To Be Someone (The Jam) – The Camerawalls
That’s Entertainment (The Jam) – The Camerawalls
From The Floorboards Up (Paul Weller) – The Camerawalls

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